Public Art Open Call

Deadline: April 1, 2016

Artists from across New Jersey are invited to submit proposals for a temporary or permanent public art sculpture/installation/mural in Monmouth County.  There are no thematic limits for proposals.  Monmouth Arts welcomes diverse ideas from singular or collaborative artists to create public art for the benefit of the community.  Please consider our broader goals when creating your proposals:


  • The art should be inclusive and engage diverse audiences.
  • The art should capture the attention of passersby and draw new viewers in.
  • The art should allow for community interaction in its production or in its function.
  • The art should encourage viewers to think about a particular relevant issue in our region or encourage viewers to consider the role of art in the community.

While we do not want to steer the concepts of the artists’ proposals, we offer one thought on a proposal that would meet our criteria.  For example, an artist could create an ethereal installation using images/film projected onto buildings, trees and water, travelling across Monmouth County over the course of the installation period.  This is a potential starting off point for a proposal.  Artists interested in this idea would need to consider the content and community interaction components.

Once submissions close on April 1, 2016, an unaffiliated panel of public art experts will make the final selection.  All artists will receive notifications after the deadline.

In this first stage of submission, we are asking artists to submit their qualifications and their concept for the project, which should meet the goals stated above.  Once a selection has been made by the panel, Monmouth Arts will invite Monmouth County municipalities, community groups, individuals and property owners to apply to be the public art site.  Artists may, or may not, have a site already in mind for a public art installation.  Please indicate in your proposal if your concept is site-specific or what type of location you are considering.  You are not required to submit a site proposal in this application.  Monmouth Arts will help to identify potential towns and spaces that would like public art.

We expect the chosen public art installation to begin sometime in late 2016/early 2017, dependent on the towns’ permit schedules and the timeline of the artists’ project.

The current public art budget is $1,800, which includes an artist commissioning fee of $500.  Our vision is to create matching funds through towns that are seeking public art in their communities.

For more information on the Public Art Profession, check out Americans for the Arts.  They have some incredible tools and resources for professional development:

Requirements for Proposal Submission:

  • CV (no longer than 2 pages)
  • Artist Statement (500 words)
  • Thoughtfully-written Concept Proposal for a community arts project that meets the above stated goals, while keeping the current budget in mind (2-3 pages)
  • 3-5 digital images of your previous public art project(s). Include an image list with:
    • Title
    • Collaborators (if any)
    • Date
    • Medium
    • Location
  • 2 References (include full name, affiliation to you, phone number and email address)


Danielle Acerra, Community Engagement Manager

For questions, you can email Danielle or call (732) 212-1890 x 3

There are many factors to consider when creating a public art proposal.  Please reference this checklist to help you fully realize your concept, audience, outreach, and more:

Below are some examples of what public art that engages community can be:


Bike Racks:

Murals: Artzine

Click the image above to check out the Winter 2015 Xit Artzine! 
Having trouble viewing the magazine? Winter 2015 Issue! Fall 2015

Monmouth Teen Arts Festival is March 17 & 18!

TAF2016 Logo_

We welcome high schools, middle schools, home-schooled students and arts schools to participate.  If your school does not sign up, individuals can register with the help of their parents (if under 18 years old). Professional critique disciplines include:

  • Visual Art (2-D and 3-D)
  • Photography (Digital welcome)
  • Fashion
  • Video
  • Dance
  • Musical Theater
  • Drama
  • Jazz & Large Instrumental (10+ performers)
  • Piano
  • Instrumental Solo and Small Ensemble
  • Vocal Solo and Small Ensemble
  • Choir (9+ singers)
  • Creative Writing/Poetry

Our theme this year–Creative Beasts.  This is a play on the artist as a creative beast and also the beast or animal as subject.  All disciplines should be able to work with this theme. Outstanding themed work will be considered for inclusion in our Arts Education Awards.  Please understand themed work is not a requirement for participation in the festival, nor is this theme related to the 2016 State Teen Arts Festival.  The theme is for marketing each year’s festival, for the juried visual arts exhibition during the festival, and for some of the workshops (visual and performing arts).

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