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ArtSpace 105 is the official micro-gallery of Monmouth Arts. It is located at 105 Monmouth Street in Red Bank (next to the Count Basie Center for the Arts). Apply to exhibit work here.

America: Land That I Love

H. Hargrove

Opening Reception: July 19, 2019 | 6:00 - 7:30pm
Exhibit: July 10 - August 28, 2019

Select Works:

One of America’s most popular living artists, H. Hargrove was born Nicolo Sturiano in Marsala, Italy, in 1941. The gift of a box of colored pencils on his tenth birthday sparked his interest in art, but the pressures of economic practicality led him to pursue a degree in wine chemistry. In 1964, the young Italian immigrated to America and soon accepted a position with a winery in upstate New York.

Art, however, was never far from Nicolo’s personal agenda, and weekends would find him painting pictures of the weathered barns and covered bridges that dotted the landscapes of his newfound home. Before long, the winery’s management became aware of his talent and decided to display his art in the public tasting room. And when visitors showed more interest in his paintings than the wine, Nicolo knew that it was time to turn his passion into his profession.

In love with America, Sturiano earned his citizenship; enchanted with Americana, he adopted an American pseudonym under which to paint by opening a phone book, H. Hargrove. As his reputation grew, he found himself much in demand for personal appearances (and autograph sessions) before large audiences of art lovers. Subsequently, Hargrove became the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles, which in turn led to interviews on radio and television programs both local and national. High-level dignitaries and celebrities now number among his following.

Having begun his career by painting Americana, Hargrove has expanded his repertoire to include delicately-detailed still lifes, spectacular European landscapes, and privately-commissioned portraits. His work is collected across America and in Europe, and his collector base is constantly expanding. Renowned as a compelling visual storyteller, a veritable poet with a paintbrush, H. Hargrove epitomizes the quintessential story of the immigrant who achieves success by following—and ultimately living—his American dream.

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