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During social distancing, let’s turn the sidewalks of Monmouth County neighborhoods into artistic masterpieces! Everyone is invited… children, teens, adults, and professional artists!  


Use sidewalk chalk to share works of art or inspiring messages throughout our community! Once your sidewalk is chalked, make sure to take a photo or selfie with your work of art. Post it to our Facebook page or Instagram with the hashtag #ChalktheWalkMonmouthArts. Check back to view a collection of new chalk creations!  


Please remember to maintain social distancing at all times. All artwork must be family-friendly and chalk is the only medium that may be used on sidewalks. 

Some Helpful Tips: 

  • Clean the drawing surface before you start. 

  • Use a piece of cardboard to sit or stand on to avoid smearing your work. 

  • Use a pillow, gardeners pad, or knee pads for comfort.    

  • Build up your layers, starting with a very light layer on the bottom. 

  • Outline all of your major elements first. 

  • Consider using one object as the focal point of your artwork (a rainbow, flower, positive message, etc.)

  • Small details are difficult to manage on a rough surface — so think BIG & DRAMATIC   


Latest Creations


Thank you to our sponsor New Jersey Natural Gas!

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