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Brookdale Community College
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As we have done for the past several years, Monmouth Arts is encouraging student artists to submit designs to be considered as the Cover Art for the festival program at the upcoming 2020 Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival!

The winner of the contest will receive a $50 RED BANK Gift Card (redeemable at over 100 locations) and will be featured on the cover of 2,000 festival program journals, as well as a complimentary year-long student membership with Monmouth Arts!



  • Students submitting design work MUST be registered for the 2020 Monmouth Arts Teen Arts festival.

  • Designs should reflect the 2020 festival theme, ReCreate!

  • Submissions should be ORIGINAL IDEAS ONLY! Of course, we encourage you to be inspired by your favorite comics and characters, but please only use original ideas and non-trademarked designs.

  • Monmouth Arts will add text as an overlay to the image, stating the festival name and theme, along with relevant logos.

    • The logo is available on our website to be used in your design as a placeholder to where you believe the logo should be within the design, but please be aware that Monmouth Arts reserves the right to alter those placements.

  • All visual art forms are welcome (traditional or digital art forms; photographs of 3-dimensional work ARE ACCEPTABLE)

  • Designs must be submitted as a .jpeg, .pdf, .png, in addition to the raw Adobe InDesign or Photoshop file (designs created in Illustrator should be exported into InDesign or Photoshop prior to submission, again with editable layers).

    • Adobe files must include all editable layers. In other words, the file should be editable by our team.

    • Altogether, a native file and an exported file must be submitted.

  • Size: 8.5" x 5.5" plus a .125" bleed

  • Signed Submission Form be sent in with the design in order to be considered.

    • We will accept submission from either individual students directly, or educators on their behalf. 

  • Submissions are due February 7th, and the winner will be announced February 14th.

  • Submission form and design must be emailed to Arts Education and Events Manager, Vinny Martini, at by 11:59PM on February 7th.

If there are any questions regarding the guidelines of the Cover Art Contest, please feel free to reach out to Arts Education & Events Manager, Vinny Martini, at or by phone at (732) 212-1890 ext. 6. 


For those schools who have not participated in recent years or ever before, the Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival happens over two consecutive days in mid-March (March 19 & 20, 2020). We invite all teens ages 13-19 to experience professional critiques in their artistic disciplines, fun and interactive cross-disciplinary workshops, peer performances, and exhibitions. We provide a welcoming environment for students to showcase their skills and hear valuable critiques from professional artists. 


We welcome high schools, middle schools, home-schooled students, art/music studios, and dance schools to participate. If your school does not sign up, individual teens can register with the help of their parents (if under 18 years old). 

As you may already know, this Spring commemorates the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This anniversary comes at a time where it is more important than ever before to be talking about how we can protect our planet. Monmouth Arts is joining in on this worldwide celebration of activism for our 2020 Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival, and we are thrilled to announce this year's theme: ReCreate!

The festival will feature workshops with content based around this theme of environmental conservation and awareness, and I hope that many of your students will prepare work for the festival that is encompassing of the theme as well (although, not required).


ReCreate! will also provide an opportunity to facilitate conversations with students around the idea of how they can make an impact through their artistry. Artists can be the most powerful advocates, and it is my hope that students will explore how to contribute to conversations and make their concerns about the future of our Earth heard! As students begin to prepare work for the festival, I hope you will take time to have discussions with them about how they can take on some personal responsibility for protecting our planet. Our goal is that students (and teachers too!) will leave this year's festival as ambassadors for change in their communities, as everyone of us is accountable for the world we leave behind!

Of course, you are in no way obligated to use this theme in order to participate. The theme serves as a useful tool for some teachers, who develop curricula around the concept. There will be several workshops and a group exhibition that utilize the theme during the festival, but again, there is no obligation to use this theme in order to participate.


This year, Monmouth Arts will once again be partnering with Brookdale Community College, and the festival will be held on March 19 + 20, 2020 on Brookdale's Lincroft campus, during their Spring Break week. 


Interested in sponsoring the event? Learn how you can help by clicking here!

Stay tuned for more updates on the 2020 Monmouth Teen Arts Festival! 

The fees for the 2020 festival are above. 

Registration forms and checks/purchase orders are due on January 24, 2020, made payable to Monmouth Arts


Please plan accordingly and reserve your space with your students at the festival as soon as possible to avoid late fees.


Contact the Arts Education & Events Manager, Vinny Martini at:

732.212.1890 x6

Download last year's official Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival magazine here!

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