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Under Construction

We've been listening to our calendar users and to the feedback we gathered from our recent survey to members and the public. Though the online calendar was providing a service, changes to the platform had made it increasingly challenging to submit content and page views had been dropping. We've decided to take the calendar off the website beginning May 1; we'll use the next month to test out some other calendar systems that will better serve our users. We apologize for this brief inconvenience, but we look forward to implementing a new-and-improved solution that will offer an increased level of engagement with our community. 


Please rest assured that we will continue to include events (performances, classes, etc.) in our weekly newsletters: Get Out & Get Art and Opportunities in the Arts. Please email with items to be included. We'll also continue to share member posts in our Friday social media highlights. 


As you know, promotional assistance is one of the benefits of being a  nonprofit or business member of Monmouth Arts. We value our members and look forward to supporting your events and happenings!

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