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Catie Procyk

Waiting, charcoal

Communications High School

Melanie Whiteman

Upstream, pencil

Laurel Springs

Phylicia Ma

The Wonders of Space, mixed media

High Technology High School

Jack Denvir

Riot, digital art

Henry Hudson Regional

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Michaela McMillan

Untitled, digital painting

Henry Hudson Regional

Makayla Roberts

Teacher of Art, digital illustration

Henry Hudson Regional

Sophia Guida

Sandy Hook Bay, photography

Henry Hudson Regional

murmuration - Jillian Tracy.jpg

Jillian Tracy

Murmuration, mixed media collage

Communications High School

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Untitled-6 - Samantha Jackson.jpg
Monmouth Arts Virtual Teen Arts Show (Ap

Nikki Yan Beeber

Compass, graphite and charcoal

Communications High School

Serena Khan

A Mix of a Girl's Mind, acrylic

Communications High School

Sam Jackson

Dolls, photography

Henry Hudson Regional

Brooke Bates

Chimerical Forest, acrylic

Communications High School



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Vivianna Varlack

The Boy Who Cried..., poetry

Communications High School

Emily Guan

Straight-A Student, prose

High Technology High School

Samantha Yannarelli

No One Else (Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812)

Mater Dei Prep

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