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IMG_2739 - Alexa Morales.JPG

Gemma Lascano

 Value Added Taxonomy, acrylic

High Technology High School

Abigail Desmarais

Delicate, clay

Ocean Township High School

Alexa Morales

16 Wishes, charcoal

Wall High School

catie procyk-bookmark - Catherine Procyk

Karlie Sambade

Did Anyone Say Chocolate?, oil

Wall High School

IMG_E3025 - Evelyn Kunycky.JPG
SAMANTHA NICHOLSON_Lily Pads_Watercolor.

Evelyn Kunycky

20 Years, graphite

Wall High School

Samantha Nicholson

Lily Pads, watercolor

Inspired Minds Fine Art School

Catie Procyk

Orange Trees, watercolor

Communications High School

4FBE3417-5883-40B7-8C09-AAB9D3861321 - M

Caitlin Farrell

Untitled, graphite

Wall High School

DANI MCHALUGHLIN_Oil on Canvas.jpg
MORGAN TASHJIAN_Beach Dog_Oil on canvas.

Marley Rizzi

The Baby Named After Bob Marley, graphite

Wall High School

Morgan Tashjian

Beach Dog, oil on canvas

Inspired Minds Fine Art School

Dani McLaughlin

Untitled, oil on canvas

Inspired Minds Fine Art School



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Emily Guan

Little Mel, prose

High Technology High School

Choreography by Lauren Marcolus

Doom Days (Bastille)

Age 19, New York University

105 Monmouth St.

Red Bank, NJ 07701


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