Q: How do I become a Monmouth Arts member? 
A: http://www.monmoutharts.org/join-us

Q: What are the benefits of a Monmouth Arts membership?

Q: What is the process to have my artwork included in the Artist Registry?
Become a member! Inclusion in the Artist Registry is one of Monmouth Arts’ Member Perks. You can become a member by going to http://www.monmoutharts.org/join-us. Once you’ve joined, you can submit yourself to our artist registry by going to http://www.monmoutharts.org/artist-registry

Q: How do I find a gallery to represent my work?
It takes a bit of research to find galleries that would be a best fit for your work, but it is the only way to actually get into a gallery. Check www.art-collecting.com : this site has pretty comprehensive lists of galleries and museums throughout the US by State and City, with links to their websites, plus a host of other info. Once you have these lists, you can research the galleries in areas where you want to show to see if your work would be a good fit and then contact them to see if they are looking at new artists.

Q: How do I approach a gallery once I have found one?
A: Check out www.artbusiness.com, a site run by Alan Bamberger, who has been an art appraiser and consultant in San Francisco area for decades. Click on the articles tab and select “For Artists”.  You will find tons of insightful material about how to approach galleries, how to price your work, how to handle a studio visit, etc. You can learn a lot.

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