Linda J. Alston

Multimedia - Pastel, Charcoal, Watercolor


Instagram: @lraviele

Michelle Renée Bernard

Mixed Media Paintings & Art Dolls

Joseph Borzotta

Visual Art

Yan Cao

Visual Art - Watercolor

Maria Chamra

Visual Art - Acrylic Paint

Domenico Donna Como

Watercolor & Mixed Media

Jodi DiLiberto

Visual Art - Painting, Digital/Fractal

Anna Julie Gove

Visual Art - Painting, Mixed Media

Patricia Hutchinson

Visual Art

Eileen Kennedy

Visual Art - Egg Tempera & Silverpoint

Charcoal Portrait of Willem DaFoe

Maurice Lampell

Visual Art

Patricia Meko

Visual Art - Oils & Mosaic

Tova Navarra

Visual Art

Carol A. O'Neill

Visual Art - Egg Tempera Painting & Draw

Coral Rosenblat

Multimedia - Handtufting, Print

Elaine Shor

Visual Art - Oil Painting

Ken Stetz

Visual Art - Oils & Watercolor

Mimi Toth

Visual Art - Colored Pencil, Pen, Ink

Maria Verni

Visual Art - Mixed Media & Photography, Collage

Ry An / 來 苑

Illustration - Oil, Watercolor, Recycled Media

Facebook: japancanvas

Instagram: @ryancanvas

Hillary Binder-Klein

Visual Art

Heather Brown

Visual Art

Luba Caruso

Visual Art - Oil Painting and Graphic Design


Tara Collins

Mixed Media Mosaic & Collage

Vicky Culver

Visual Art

Shari Epstein

Visual Art - Collage Painting

Amanda Garrell

Visual Art - Oil Painting

Suzan Globus

Visual Art

Charles Jacobs

Visual Art - Painting, Photography, Wood Carving


Asja Jung

Visual Art

Siobhan Lynch

Visual Art - Acrylic Paint

Grace Modla

Visual Art - Painting & Mixed Media

Michele D. Rath

Visual Art - Watercolor

Delgira Samtonova

Visual Art - Watercolor, Acrylic

Elizabeth Sowell-Zak

Visual Art

Christopher Taylor

Visual Art - Oil 

Charles Trott

Visual Art - Murals, Illustration, Arts Education

Kathleen Beausoleil

Visual Art - Oils, Ink

Victoria Boardman

Visual Art, Photography, Writing

Doreen Catena

Mixed Media - Sustainable Homegoods, Recycling

11021335-B816-4FFA-B960-2A408F2867AD - C

Carol J. Colvin

Mixed Media

Emily Gilman Beezley

Visual Art - Oils, Printmaking, Mixed Media

Diane Hurford

Visual Art - Acrylic

Nancy Karpf

Visual Art - Painting

Colleen Lineberry

Visual Art - Oil Paint, Cold Wax

Brittney Mallon

Visual Art - Illustration

Mary A. McKay

Visual Art

Stephanie Novatski

Visual Art - Mixed Media

Eileen Petruch

Visual Art - Oil

Carrie Ruddick

Visual Art

Mike Scherfen

Visual Art - Watercolor

Karen Starrett

Visual Art - Teaching artist for older adults

Reese Tolchin

Visual Art - Painting, Drawing

Carla Valentino

Visual Art - Painting, Mixed Media, Arts Education

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