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Your favorite arts organization may be in intermission right now, but you can show your support for local arts by displaying a yard sign! When you support Monmouth Arts, you are supporting the programs and services that sustain the practice, presence, and influence of the arts in Monmouth County. From grant funding for nonprofit arts organizations to local youth arts programming, our mission makes a difference. Your support makes possible our current programs, such as:

  • ArtHelps Local Arts Program Grants, to provide access to quality arts experiences in Monmouth County communities

  • Signs of Hope, a comprehensive youth arts program in collaboration with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Monmouth County

  • Summer ArtSpace, a platform for young artists to build a community of self-expression

  • Senior Art Show, an annual art show for the senior artists of Monmouth County


By purchasing a yard sign, you are not only making a financial contribution to Monmouth Arts, but are also making a statement about the importance of the arts in your community. Your voice in support of local arts is essential right now. We know that recovery is going to take time, especially for arts organizations, but we're in this for the long haul!



The arts are integral to what makes New Jersey a special place to live, work, visit, and raise a family. The nonprofits art sector generates more than $662 million to our state's economy, employs nearly 22,000 of its citizens, educates 1.1 million students, and brings 8.3 million people to local communities. New Jersey's recovery depends on the arts -- and the arts depend on you. We need you to #KeepJerseyArtsAlive. Here are actions you can take now:

Help spread the message about the importance of our arts community to New Jersey's future.

In partnership with the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, ArtPride has developed a public value campaign that highlights the importance of the arts in New Jersey, and why the industry's survival is critical to the state's overall recovery. The Keep Jersey Arts Alive website offers a toolkit of images, videos, and state- and county-wide impact data to help spread this message. Click here to download Monmouth County impact data!

Tell your legislators how important the arts are to our state's COVID-19 recovery.

ArtPride's Action Alerts Center makes it easy for you to advocate for New Jersey's arts community. Stay updated on the actions you can take to support our state's creative industry here. Latest action alerts:

Support Monmouth Arts Nonprofit Members:
Support Monmouth Arts Business Members:
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