Monmouth Arts Logo Only:

Members, feel free to download and use our logo for your media needs:

B&W / Color

Logo Sets for ArtHelps Local Arts Program Grantees

Logos and funding statement must be used exactly as they appear in the file. If you have a special fomatting need, please contact newmedia@monmoutharts.org

Tall Format: B&W / Color

Wide Format: B&W / Color

Narrow (closer to square) Format: B&W / Color

Having trouble downloading your logo? You might have a pop-up blocker or other virus software that is preventing it. Hover over the link you want to download. Right-click and either “save target as” or “save link as.” Then just save the logo file to where you need it!

Monmouth Arts Funding Poster for Display (11×17): 
If this poster is to be on display at your event, please use it at full size.
Download 11×17 Poster

Monmouth Arts Playbill Ad:  
This ad (pdf) can be printed up to 8.5″ x 11″ at printer-ready resolution
Download Color Playbill ad | Download B&W Playbill ad

Download Monmouth Arts Publicity Agreement for Grantees: 2016 MONMOUTH ARTS PUBLICITY AGREEMENT

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