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50 FOR 50 YEARS!

For 50 years, Monmouth Arts has made the arts possible in Monmouth County. Since our inception, we have supported thousands of artists, arts organizations, students, and art affiliates through unique programming, a wide array of services, and millions of dollars in arts funding. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, we are not only celebrating our accomplishments, but also the patrons that make our work possible. Help celebrate our 50th anniversary by joining our 50 for 50 Years Campaign and making a gift to ensure that arts programming and services remain an integral part of our community for years to come. 


Fifty years is just the beginning for Monmouth Arts. As we look ahead, big plans are in the works to expand our efforts and improve our services. Among these plans are initiatives that will

  • Expand youth arts programming

  • Increase funding opportunities for artists and arts organizations

  • Grow community offerings and events, including live performances, workshops, and exhibitions

  • Upgrade our facilities to accommodate new programming and organizational growth

To make these plans a reality, we need your help! Please be a part of our future by supporting our efforts to grow into the next phase of our exciting history and meet the needs of our community. These initiatives are only a small portion of what we want to accomplish in the future. Your tax-deductible contribution ensures that we can continue our imperative work and reach new heights over the next 50 years.


Marilyn Baldi

Sue Barr

Kelly Barratt

Joe Barris

Diane Berger

Alice Berman

Kathy Boschi

John Chiappinelli

Nancy Clarke

Allison Connery Green

Vickie Culver

Chris Curcia

Anthony D'Amato

Patricia and Steven D'andrea

Gretchen and Anthony Di Cesare

Barbara DiGiovanni

Kathy Donnelly

Carrie Eubanks

Arthur Fama

Elise Feldman

George Feldman

Marianne and Robert Ficarra

Sarah and David Fischell Foundation

James Geise

Tom and Patti Gilmour

Margean Gladysz

Margot Goldberg

Dan Gonzalez

Deborah J Grandinetti Holliday

Felicia Grant

Audrey Hamowitz

George and Ruth Harms

Sharon Harrington

Hagen Hottman

Marlene Huschke

Mr. & Mrs. Karl Kalkbrenner

Etta Kelly

Jill Kerwick

Irene Korfes

Jerry Korn

Diane and Jerry Levitz

Holly Lyttle

Bob Mataranglo

Penny McDaniel

Rich McKenna

Miriam McManus

Kathleen Mumma

Diane Munoz

Aida and Brian Murphy

Rich Murphy

Scott Nickerson

Carol O'Neill

Michael Parent

Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund

Mike Quon

Michele Rath

Joan Rechnitz

Lynn Reich

Pat Richter

Joel Richman

Steve Ross

Jim and Barbara Sabaitis

Kenny Schwartz

Caryl Sills

Pamela Smith and Michael Matthews

Vickie Snoy

Sylaja Srinivasan

Linda Standley

Teresa Staub

David Stout

Carol Stout

Burt Szerlip

Karen Topham

Gina Torello

Yao Chung Tsao

Karen Waller

Trent Welcome

Theodore Wojtech and Claire Lonegan

Sharyn Yonkman

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