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The pandemic has been financially disastrous for the arts nationwide, and the Monmouth County arts community certainly has not been spared. The local creative community has suffered layoffs, furloughs, and pay cuts. Artists have seen their scheduled performances and freelance gigs disappear. Smaller arts organizations are struggling to keep their doors open while others have closed. 


As the pandemic draws to a close, Monmouth Arts is committed to helping artists and arts organizations during the recovery process. Our plan is to Emerge Stronger and provide much needed support to the arts community. This year alone, Monmouth Arts will:


  • Provide over $132,000 in funding to local artists and arts organizations through our ArtHelps, Coastal Hazard, and Intermediary Artist Grants.

  • Offer free resources, workshops, individual guidance, and marketing support to the creative community.

  • Hire dozens of local teaching artists for the Monmouth Arts Teen Arts Festival, Monmouth County Senior Art Show, and Signs of Hope.

  • Offer Emerging Artist Scholarships to high school students pursuing an arts degree in college.

  • Showcase the works of over 100 area artists in a group art exhibition and at the ArtSpace 105 gallery. 


For us to continue our vital work, we need your support today!


Your donation will be far-reaching as you will support local artists and art organizations and impact employment, real estate values, tourism, health and wellness, education, and overall quality of life in Monmouth County. 


If you have any questions or would like to give over the phone, please contact Teresa Staub, Executive Director at 732-212-1890 or


Thank you for your generosity and for making creativity possible. 


Suzan Metz
Dianne Berger
Richard McKenna
Frank Rubino

Barbara Birmingham

Barbara DiGiovanni
Arlene Mollow
Pat Richter
Margaret Riker
Marie Maber
Tedi Maker
Ken Schwartz
Deborah & Dwight Macock
Deana Cawthorne
Pamela Smith
Marilyn Baldi
Shelly Ortner
Gail VanWinkle
Joe Barris

The Procyk Family
Miriam McManus
Hagen Hottman

Teresa Staub
Robert Mataranglo
Barbara Whithers
David Stout
Victoria Reis
Melanie Penney
Jerry & Diane Levitz

Thomas Curtis

Yao Chung Tsao
Henry Khost

Irene Korfes
Ann Leyh
Stephen McMillion
Steven Ross

Carol Sills
Bonnie Torcivia

Jennifer Anderson
Barbara and Patrick McMorrow
Kurt and Nanci Anderson
Barry and Star Tobias

Michele and John Rath

Ed Zipprich

Gail Kolflat

Marianne & Robert Ficarra

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