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Capturing the Jersey Shore: A Bird's-Eye View with Connor Kane

By Debra Maricic

Just in time for New Jersey's inaugural Garden State Art Weekend, Connor Kane will be the first of four artists to showcase their artwork this year at Monmouth Arts' new community event space, ArtSpace 99. Riffs & Waves opens April 19 from 5:30-8:00pm, and the collection will be on display until May 29.


The photographs of Riffs & Waves vividly capture the beauty of the shore and the essence of life in Asbury Park and surrounding areas. Connor Kane’s work features the grace of surfers cutting through the waves, the dedication of Ocean Grove lifeguards, and the electric atmosphere of Stone Pony Summer Stage performances. Connor's lens also turns to the artists of The Wooden Walls Project, highlighting the creative pulse that beats strongly in Asbury Park. Through Connor's eyes, viewers are invited to explore a world where art, life, and love intersect in the most dynamic of ways.

About the Artist

Connor Kane, an artist and FAA Part 107 Licensed Aerial Photographer based in Asbury Park, is deeply thankful for the artistic and inclusive spirit that flourishes in this community. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of art, music, and diverse expressions of love around him, Connor skillfully captures the essence of The Jersey Shore’s landscapes, events, and cityscapes through his lens. His work, a harmonious blend of fine art and photography, radiates the unique charm and vibrant energy of the coast.

Tell us about your background and what brought you to create your art?

I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with an incredibly supportive and wonderful family. A proud alumni of Penn State University in State College, my journey to Asbury Park was driven by a desire to meld landscape architecture with my creative passions and love for the ocean. The transition from Pennsylvania to the vibrant, artistic Jersey Shore was life-changing. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to immerse myself in capturing the unique perspectives, the palpable sense of love and inclusion, talented musicians, and the flourishing art scene here. Eight years into making Asbury Park my adopted hometown, I now own and operate my photography business with my lovely and brilliant fiancé; a dream fueled by this town's incredible energy and spirit.

Where do you find inspiration? 

"Tunnel of Love," 2023 by Connor Kane

My inspiration springs from the heart of Asbury Park—its dynamic community, stunning landscapes, and the endless expressions of creativity around every corner. I am deeply grateful to Jenn Hampton the founder of The Wooden Walls Project, a public art installation born in 2015 that has provided immense inspiration to me personally. The public art, music, and creatives in Asbury Park demonstrate this town’s tapestry of love, art, and inclusion, offering unique scenes and stories that I am honored and grateful to capture. I am lucky to have found a home here, where everyday is another opportunity to explore and share the extraordinary essence of life down the shore.

Who are your favorite artists these days?

The artists that inspire me are those who tell compelling stories through their art, like Chris Burkard and Annie Leibovitz. Closer to home, the artists contributing to The Wooden Walls Project in Asbury Park constantly remind me of the power of community and creativity. Their work not only beautifies our spaces but also weaves a deeper connection among us all, inspiring the new generations of muralists like Chloe Evangelista and many more talented artists. Walking the Asbury Park Boardwalk is a wonderful way to see many talented artists, important history, and the beauty of life found in Asbury Park.

"Boardwalk Brushstrokes ft ONEQ at The Wooden Wall," 2023 by Connor Kane

Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations as an artist, and how do you hope to continue evolving in practice?

"Heavies by the Jetty," 2023 by Connor Kane

I truly believe the best is yet to come! I aspire to deepen my engagement with the Asbury Park community, pushing the envelope of aerial photography to capture and share even more compelling stories. I am manifesting more gallery exhibitions and showcases in Asbury. I am excited about the potential for collaboration and mentorship, hoping to inspire others to follow their creative passions. My gratitude to the team at Monmouth Arts cannot be overstated—this opportunity to showcase my work is a testament to the power of community support in nurturing artists.

You can see more of Connor’s work on his website, Instagram, and Facebook. 

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