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Monmouth Arts Celebrates Opening of ArtSpace

By Debra Maricic

Monmouth Arts recently commemorated a significant milestone with a ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration to unveil our new community space situated on Monmouth Street. Located in the heart of Red Bank among the Basie complex of performance and education venues, ArtSpace emerges as a venue for networking opportunities, cultural programs, art exhibitions, and creative workshops, aligning with Monmouth Arts’ mission to foster community through the arts.

Several dozen representatives of arts organizations and local government members converged to inaugurate ArtSpace. Expressing his enthusiasm for this occasion, Monmouth County Commissioner Director Thomas Arnone affirmed, “This is great news for the arts in the heart of Red Bank and Monmouth Arts, and as a Commissioner, I'm proud that we financially support the arts, and we will continue to do that for its continued success.”

Following the ceremonial ribbon-cutting, attendees enjoyed a toast and an array of hors d'oeuvres courtesy of Buona Sera. The lively ambiance of ArtSpace was further elevated by the unveiling of its premier solo exhibition, “Riffs & Waves,” featuring captivating Jersey Shore-themed works by photographer Connor Kane.

Reflecting on this milestone, Monmouth Arts Executive Director Teresa Staub remarked, “Monmouth Arts has been committed to fostering a thriving arts community for over five decades. This venue provides an opportunity for artists, residents and visitors to Monmouth County to connect, explore, and enhance their creative capabilities.”

This milestone not only signifies the opening of a physical space but also marks the beginning of a new chapter for Monmouth Arts brimming with artistic vibrancy, community engagement, and boundless creative exploration. ArtSpace stands poised to welcome all and ignite the imaginations and passions of all who enter its doors.

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